Hi, I'm Tina Lee

A Product Designer / UX Researcher / Service Designer

I excel at turning user insights into impactful user experiences that effectively drive design improvements, combining qualitative and quantitative research.

Service Design Master @ SCAD,  
while also being an online teacher and a UI/UX freelancer

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Unlimited Reality x Deloitte Digital

Sponsored Project

Service Design

User Research

Interior Design

AR / VR Experience

A project that integrates interior design, immersive technology, and service design to create a self-guided floor space showcasing AR/VR technology.

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Popdaily - Design Sprint

Company project


UX Design

Design Sprint

A company's design sprint project aimed at redesigning the app's main page to achieve a 15% increase in page views and unique users over the course of a year.

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Enhancing Airport Travel Experience for
Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes

User Research

Service Design

A Service Design project to establish an empathetic and supportive airport environment for individuals with Type 1 diabetes.

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Unabiz - IOT Device Management Platform

Company Project

Developed an intuitive website for IoT device maintenance, enabling both customers and engineers to track and download information from the data dashboards

Data Dashboards Design  

Coming soon...

Case Study Coming Soon


Addressing the chaos in Taiwan's temporary workforce environment and the job market's low level of digitalization.

Freelance Project

UI/UX Design

Coming soon...

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Service innovation / Service Design

To develop and implement new or improved services to meet evolving customer needs, enhance experiences, and create value in the market

System thinking

Turning Customer Insights into Achievable Actions

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UX / UI Design, User Research

Design different areas of Websites and Apps to match customer's needs


Creating Design System

Understand HTML / CSS

Qualitative and Quantitative research methods

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Strategy & Direction

To define a clear vision and long-term goals, developing comprehensive plans, and make informed decisions to align resources and efforts for sustained growth and competitive advantage.


Collaboration and communication

Analytical Thinking