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A company Design Sprint project in Popdaily to redesign our main page and search page with the goal of increasing page views and user usage by 15% within a year

About Popdaily

Popdaily is a social media app that posts all kinds of articles about girls' daily life, food, drama, makeup, and popular trends. We wish that users can get the most popular news quickly from official editors and creators, and bring more entertaining experience in their real life.

Our Challenge

“How can we satisfy our users to get useful information when they open the App?”

My Role

User Interview / Data analysis

We conducted a five-day Design Sprint to address significant challenges and explore new ideas. During this process, we created prototypes to gather feedback from both internal and external users. This feedback helped us refine the design. After publishing, we analyzed the data over several months to validate our ideas.

Design Sprint Methods


To better understand the user's thoughts and behaviors regarding the redesigned app, and to include their feedback in our considerations for future optimizations.


Usability test.
Observe their behavior when users are using the prototype.
Ask about their past experience in using the original App.


1. Internal Users: People that represent each department.

2. External Users: The users of PopDaily App: College students, Graduate students, Freshman in companies

Key information


1. Mainpage

✦ The information on the main page is not enough.
✦ Multiple kinds of card styles on one page will easily distract the users from reading the content concentratedly.
✦ There’s no personalized recommender system so users may not find articles that match their taste.
Potential opportunities
✦ Users are more interested in official articles and high-quality pictures.
✦ Reasons why users will like to click the articles : Interesting topic > Title > Image >interaction(likes & collect)
✦ Provide endless articles when scrolling down to attract them to see more articles.
✦ Change the proportion of image and title and delete unimportant information .
✦ Show all offical articles in the first screen to match the needs of most users.

2. Personalized recommender system

✦ Users will like to read articles in specific types of categories.
✦ The category of articles that match their taste >= Popular articles > Recommended articles by the official
✦ Add a personalized recommender system
→ Users can choose three or more types of categories that they are interested in when they first open the app.
→ The main page will show the articles in those categories in the special algorithm.
- Choose the categories you are interested in

3. Proportion of image and text

✦ The original design focuses on the image and the title can’t be fully present.
✦ Users can’t get enough information from the image which decreases their desire to read the article.
✦ The quality of images uploaded by general users is difficult to control and would mess up the interface easily.
Potential opportunities
✦ Reasons why users will like to click the articles : Interesting topic > Title > Image >interaction(likes & collect)
✦ Lower the proportion of the image.
✦ Focus on the title and content to let users decide whether they are interested or not.

4. Search page

✦ There are different card styles in the search results.
✦ Users can’t easily check the relation between search results and the keywords.
✦ The loading speed needs to be faster.
Potential opportunities
✦ Users use words to check the relation between search results and the keywords.
✦ Users trust the official articles more than the articles written by creators.
✦ Provide real-time search and enhance the loading speed.
✦ Adjust the card style and emphasize the title to make it convenient to read.
✦ Highlight the search keywords to let users know the relation between them.
✦ Add the filter of official articles.

Following optimization

5. Popular articles

Potential opportunities
✦ Users open the app to get useful information and know about popular trends.
✦ Provide different popular articles in many topics to catch the users’ eyes.
✦ Users can catch up with popular trends through this model.

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