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Hi, This is Tina!

I am a Product Designer and Service Designer.

When working as a group, I am often the role to motivate others and love to see the sparks between the discussion when designing.
I believe that bringing systemic thinking into service can create things and affect society much more than the general opinion assumes.

Besides designing, I also have a background of being a Quality Assurance Engineer and I am familiar with coding and motion graphics.

Ask the right question, solve the right problem.

Want to have a chat? Just drop me a message 😊 :

+1 (450) 234-2851 / +33 782411377

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User Interface Design
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User Experience Design
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Conjoint Analysis
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Service Design
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Human-Centered Design
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User Research
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Adobe After Effect / Premiere
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Mix-Method Research
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Interaction Design

Questions About Me

What do I use in my daily work flow?

Journey map
Journey maps help me uncover pain points and challenges in projects, allowing me to identify areas for user experience improvements. They are also useful for comparing different users' journeys to spot differences and similarities. Finally, journey maps facilitate data-driven decision-making by highlighting real user experiences and feedback.

Ecosystem map / Stakeholder map
I enjoy creating system mapping because it helps me to understand the different touchpoints between stakeholders and the service. This allows them to identify the needs, pain points, and opportunities of each stakeholder and develop solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Service blueprint
I am comfortable with creating a service blueprint and understanding the user journey and their interactions with stakeholders.

Product / User Research
I love conducting user interviews to understand the different perspectives of users and include competitive analysis and usability testing to inform design decisions.

What do I do besides studying my Master Degree

Design Mentor in Kanshoku (online teaching platform about UI/UX in Taiwan)My role involves guiding students aspiring to enter the UI/UX field. I'll introduce them to design thinking and the fundamentals of Figma, leading them through the entire process of a project—from research to design execution. My responsibility includes educating students from diverse backgrounds, and making complex design concepts accessible and understandable to all.

FreelanceI regularly engage in side projects to enhance my experience and improve my communication skills with developers and project managers. Though not all projects are paid, my goal is to continuously refine my design skills and stay abreast of the latest trends and information in the field.